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We've finished testing our 2018 Mazda6. We discuss our final impressions on the midsized sedan and where we think it stacks up against its competitors. We answer a number of audience questions this week, including one about our best advice when negotiating the price of a car with a dealership. We also talk about the Subaru Ascent recall, and remind Volkswagen diesel owners that time is running out to file a claim for settlement compensation.


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0:18 - Volkswagen Diesel Deadline

5:32 - Subaru Ascent Recall

8:14 - Mazda6 Test Results

12:49 - Audience Questions

13:02 - Question #1: Buying a fun weekend car

18:07 - Question #2: Ford C-Max hybrid replacement

23:04 - Question #3: How to handle price negotiations when buying a new car

26:51 - Question #4: Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti or Kia Stinger GT?




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