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This week's episode is all about reliability! Each year, Consumer Reports surveys its members about their vehicles to find out how their cars are performing in day to day, real world use. From major engine issues to frustrating infotainment problems, data is collected to find out how vehicles perform over the years. Once we crunch the numbers, we are able to determine which cars and brands are running smoothly, or giving owners constant issues. We go over some of the worst performing cars in our survey, and answer viewer questions about reliability issues they are currently experiencing.

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:30 - How we compile our reliability data

4:50 - least reliable new cars

9:35 - Tesla Model S reliability

16:50 - Question #1: Reliable vehicle for towing & family

20:10 - Question #2: Replacement for Toyota Camry Hybrid

Honda Clarity Quick Drive:

Cadillac ATS Quick Drive:

Tesla Model X Quick Drive:

Honda Odyssey Quick Drive:

Tesla Model S Quick Drive:

Tesla Model 3 Quick Drive:

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