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This week, we dedicate the entire episode to answering your questions! We tackle everything from car buying advice for new parents, whether or not 'no haggle' policies help consumers when negotiating prices, the evolution of the Honda Ridgeline and the pros and cons of buying a new or used Tesla. 


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1:08 Video Question #1 - How and why do CR Reliability Ratings change?

3:49 Video Question #2 - Do new cars come with faulty batteries?

7:02 Video Question #3 - How do you get a prorated tread wear warranty?

10:18 Question #4 - New family car recommendations?

13:15 Question #5 - How do heavily tinted windows affect visibility at night?

14:40 Question #6 - Are 'no haggle' policies helpful to consumers?

16:46 Question #7 - What's a better buy, a new Tesla Model 3 or a used Model S?

18:00 Question #8 - Is the Subaru WRX a good choice for a fun car in Chicago?

20:00 Question #9 - Am I supposed to like the new Honda Ridgeline body style?

21:45 Question #10 - How important are break-in periods on new cars?

23:07 Question #11 - What's the deal with 3-spoke steering wheels?

24:19 Question #12 - Does CR like when cars have a heads up display?

26:11 Question #13 - Looking for a manual hatchback or wagon for $12K

27:34 Question #14 - Why has the Toyota Tacoma become unreliable?



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