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This week we discuss the recent trend of automakers resurrecting discontinued car models, and the nostalgia (or lack thereof) that such a move might ignite in a car buyer. We've completed testing on the 2019 BMW X5 SUV, and talk about how it performed in our tests. Finally, we wrap with viewer questions, including one about the first car for a teenage driver under $5,000, and how cold temperatures affect electric vehicle batteries. 



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00:41 - Car Manufacturers Resurrecting Discontinued Car Models


04:16 - What Cars Would We Like to See Brought Back From the Dead


07:30 - 2019 BMW X5 Test Results


13:27 - Question 1: Electric Vehicle’s Battery Performance in Extreme Temperatures?


17:01 - Question 2: When to Change Oil in a Car?


18:43 - Question 3: First Car Under $5K?


22:30 - Question 4: Toyota Highlander vs. Volvo XC90



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