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We celebrate our milestone 200th episode of the podcast with a live audience in New York City, discussing the evolution of Talking Cars over the years, how our team of experts got started at Consumer Reports, and what we see in the future for the automobile industry. We wrap this special episode with questions from our audience members.



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1:07 - The History of Talking Cars Podcast

3:43 - How Our Experts Got Their Start at CR

11:41 - The Past, What We Miss The Most

16:06 - The Present, Our Favorite Cars Today and What Makes Them Better

26:33 - The Future, What What We See in the Future for the Auto Industry

31:45 - Question 1: Does CR Perform Automatic Emergency Braking Comparisons?

34:03 - Question 2: Will Modern Technology in Cars Create a Larger Depreciation Curve?

37:52 - Question 3: What is the Future of Speech Technology in Cars?

40:49 - Question 4: Does CR Penalize Car Manufacturers for Bad Practices?

43:13 - Question 5: Why Some Manufacturers Produce Hybrid Models for EU but Not for US?

45:20 - Question 6: What is CR’s Take on Modern Convoluted Controls?

48:43 - Question 7: Who Makes the Best Cooled Seats?

50:58 - Question 8: Where Do We See The Role of Government in Driver Education?




Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #1



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