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This week it’s another all questions episode! We talk about everything from the best all-wheel drive cars for winter commutes, why 4x4 trucks tow less weight than you may think, new car buying advice and we try to locate a ‘unicorn’ vehicle for $35K.


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1:00 - Question #1: When’s the best time of day to check your car’s oil level?

2:35 - Question #2: Why aren’t all-weather tires more popular?

6:07 - Question #3: Unicorn vehicle for under $35,000?

8:06 - Question #4: What speed does low speed AEB become high speed AEB?

10:31 - Question #5: What does an N/A reliability verdict mean in CR ratings?

12:59 - Question #6: At what point is it better to buy a new truck over a used truck?

15:02 - Question #7: Would you recommend buying a used Lexus ES300h with 100K miles?

16:20 - Question #8: What’s the best AWD system for climbing hills in the snow?

19:32 - Question #9: What causes a puff of white exhaust smoke during hard acceleration?

20:50 - Question #10: Why do rear wheel drive vehicles handle better than AWD vehicles?

24:26 - Question #11: Why do 4x4 pickups usually have a lower tow rating than rear wheel drive trucks?

26:12 - Question #12: Should I change my oil every year even if I only drive 1500 miles?

27:38 - Question #13: How does wheel size affect ride an handging?

30:08 - Question #14: Do high RPMs damage a transmission during engine braking?

31:47 - Question #15: Is there a solution for shorter drivers that have trouble with uncomfortable headrests?



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