Talking Cars (MP3)

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On this episode, we recap 2022 and share our personal picks for the best and worst cars we tested this year. We also discuss the biggest trends in the auto industry, including the evolution of electric vehicles, infotainment customization and smartphone apps that enhance the ownership experience. We share what we're most looking forward to in the year ahead.


0:00 - Intro

1:18 - Favorite car tested in 2022

4:54 - Least favorite care tested in 2022

9:49 - Biggest surprise or disappointment

13:40 - Best looking test car of 2022

17:36 - Vehicle most likely to succeed

20:27 - Best/worst interior

22:16 - Best/worst infotainment

24:37 - Favorite trend of the year

27:28 - Cars we wish would come back

29:40 - Car the we wish would go away

33:23 - Most sought after test car among CR staff

34:05 - Which test car spent the most time at the dealer?  

35:59 - Looking ahead to 2023


Top Picks in Autos for 2022:

10 Most Reliable Cars:

Gift guide for Car Lovers:

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