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We purchased a 2023 Honda Accord 1.5T EX for CR's auto test program, and share our first impressions of the changes to the latest generation of this popular mid-size sedan, how it compares to the Honda Accord Hybrid Sport model we're also testing, as well as competitors like the Toyota Camry, Subaru Legacy, and Nissan Altima, and question why Honda has restricted many desirable options to just hybrid powertrain models. We also weigh in on a viewer's conspiracy theory that big trucks and SUVs are only popular because of distracted drivers and poor road conditions in the US.


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:18 - 2023 Honda Accord first impressions

1:27 - What is missing in this version of the Honda Accord?

4:30 - is this car a good choice for families?

7:19 - Driving impressions

10:33 - infotainment and controls

13:05 - comfort and fit & finish

16:56 - standard model vs. hybrid

21:05 - are bad drivers and crumbling roads making SUVs more popular?


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