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On this episode, we discuss the 2023 Honda Accord Sport Hybrid that we purchased for our test program. Our experts talk about Honda’s new approach to vehicle trim levels and how the Accord Hybrid has evolved since its introduction. We also cover safety improvements, usability and how the Accord can stay competitive in a market flooded with SUVs. Plus, we answer questions about window tinting and crash ratings for the Jeep Gladiator.


0:00 - Intro

0:19 - Vehicle specs

1:32 - Available safety features

4:00 - Accord trim lines 

7:57 - Interior space

12:42 - Powertrain

15:00 - Seat comfort

18:57 - Driving impressions

21:33 - Question #1: What’s better; ceramic window tint or non-ceramic window tint?

25:37 - Question #2: Why isn’t the Jeep Gladiator subject to all of the crash test categories? 


2023 Honda Accord Hybrid:

2023 Honda Accord:

The New 2023 Honda Accord Is Easy to Like and Easy to Live With:

Why Hybrid Vehicles Are a Smart Choice Right Now:

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