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The 2023 Nissan Z enters the sports car marketplace as one of the few remaining models available today as a manual, competing for attention with the Toyota Supra, Subaru BRZ, and Toyota GR86. We bought a Performance model with a manual transmission for our test program, and share our first impressions of this resurrected nameplate, comparing its styling, gearbox, and driving dynamics with its contemporaries, as well as legacy Z models. And is higher octane gas combined with fuel stabilizer better for a car that will not be driven for a few months? Our experts answer this, as well as whether newer cars need an engine block heater in cold climates.

Toyota GR86 First Drive:

Top Tier Gas Worth the Extra Price:

:00 - Nissan Z introduction

1:50 - New features

4:20 - Styling

5:25 - Driving impressions

8:15 - Turbo sound/whine

9:39 - Manual transmission

12:39 - Handling impressions

15:20 - Interior impressions

22:39 - Should you use an engine block heater on a newer car?

25:31 - Should you use higher octane gas combined with fuel stabilizer for a car not driven often?

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