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Our experts share their first impressions of the 2024 Tesla Model 3. For 2024, the Model 3 gets a major freshening with updated styling, acoustic glass for all of the windows, an 8-inch touchscreen for rear passengers, and a softer ride. While these are all good changes, we also talk about how the controls and updated blind spot warning system leave us wanting more. We also answer audience questions about the lack of van-like vehicles on the market and which safety systems we'd design for future vehicles.

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0:00 - Intro

1:16 - Tesla redesign vs. refresh

2:39 - First impressions

3:45 - 2024 Model 3 updates

8:26 - Regenerative braking

12:58 - New features/controls we’re on the fence about

22:14 - Features we still like

23:30 - Tesla Supercharger layoffs

24:41 - Why we bought the Full Self-Driving capability

27:03 - CR/Tesla Histroy

30:46 - Question 1: Where did all the vans go?

35:43 - Question 2: What vehicle safety system would you design?



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