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We tried out an updated setting on Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot that allows the car to automatically make lane changes without any additional input from the driver. We also discuss the state of other partially automated driving systems on the market and share our concerns on what this trend means for the future. Plus, we answer questions about octane ratings, in-car controls, and vehicle data loggers.


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00:30 - Tesla’s New Automatic Lane Change Feature With Navigate on Autopilot

16:01 - Question 1: Will I Damage My Car If I Use Higher Fuel Octane Than Required?

18:11 - Question 2: Do Modern Cars Have Data Loggers?

20:34 - Question 3: Should In-Car Controls Have Standardized Requirements?

22:56 - Question4: Toyota Prius AWD vs. Subaru Impreza Hatchback?




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