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This week our expert panelists answer as many questions as time allows. We discuss the best time of year to buy a car, whether or not to ever turn off an automatic emergency braking system, and does an $8,000 cut in price make the new Chevrolet Blazer a viable choice. Plus, many more.



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00:50 - Question #1: When is the best time to buy a car?

03:21 - Question #2: Why is there a lack of charting centers for electric car owners?

05:52 - Question #3: What car has the ultimate seat comfort, fun to drive, and fuel efficient?

08:32 - Question #4: Is turning off automatic emergency braking system ever a good idea?

11:09 - Question #5: Would it be smarter to keep cars for a long time, or trade them in sooner?

13:43 - Question #6: Is the (2007-2012) Toyota oil consumption issue significant enough to refrain from purchasing?

16:05 -  Question #7: Why do OEM tires seem to wear out faster than aftermarket tires?

17:28 - Question #8: Should I buy an Accord, Camry, or Altima?

20:25 - Question #9: Are turbo engines less reliable than naturally aspirated engines?

22:36 - Question #10: How does CR test fuel economy in variable temperatures?

23:11 - Question #11: Does an $8,000 price cut make the new Chevrolet Blazer a viable choice?




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