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This week we share our first impressions of the Audi A6 including its all-new drivetrain and the waning relevance of sedans in the luxury market. Plus, our experts talk about the impact of Ford announcing plans for an all-electric F-150 pickup and a newly released NTSB report on a Tesla crash in California. We also answer your questions about bumper-to-bumper warranties and maintenance tips to keep your car running over 200K miles.


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0:25 - Ford electric vehicle lineup

0:50 - Ford F-150 EV prototype hauls 6625 tons

2:25 - Ford invests in Rivian

6:35 - NTSB report on Tesla crash

9:18 - 2019 Audi A6

11:25 - 2019 Audi Q3

15:20 - Audience Questions

15:29 - Video Question #1: Maintenance tips to get your car over the 200K mark

18:07- Question #2: Wet/dry braking test temperature and winter tire performance

21:44 - Question #3: Should I buy an extended warranty?



Self-Driving System Rankings:

2018 Ford F-150 Quick Drive:

2018 New York Auto Show: 2019 Audi A6:

2016 Audi A6 Quick Drive:

2019 Audi A8 Quick Drive:

2015 Audi Q3 Quick Drive:

Tesla Model S That Crashed Into Fire Truck Had Autopilot Engaged:

2019 Audi A6 Offers Impressive Composure and Performance:

2019 Audi Q3 Is Bigger and Better Equipped in Redesign:

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