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This week is dedicated to your questions! We discuss if worn brake pads affect adaptive cruise control and AEB systems, how to improve your headlights, why some turn signals are red while others are yellow, plus tips on winter wheel packages.


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0:52 - Video Question #1: Will worn out brake pads affect adaptive cruise control or automatic emergency braking systems?

3:10 - Question #2: Are expensive replacement headlight bulbs worth the extra money?

4:52 - Question #3: Is factory rust proofing legit?

7:18 - Question #4:  Would winter tires with an aftermarket wheel fit a 2019 Subaru Forester?/What’s the difference between CUV and SUV tires?

9:39 - Question #5: Are there any concerns with buying an early generation EV (Nissan Leaf)?

11:29 - Question #6: Where can I find break-in information in the owner’s manual for a 2019 Toyota Camry SE?

13:36 -  Question #7: Is topping off my gas tank damaging my car?

16:25 - Question #8: What’s a reliable, low-mileage vehicle for under $7,000 for a teen driver?

20:28 - Question #9: What’s the deal with different colored turn signals?

22:24 - Question #10: What’s the best set of winter tires for a 2018 Toyota Camry XLE?

23:52 - Question #11: Should I change the oil on my car at 3,000 miles vs. 6,000 miles if I drive in ‘severe conditions’?

24:32 - Question #12: Are SUVs better than sedans in handling mildly flooded roads?

26:30 - Question #13: Which used Toyota Prius offers standard safety equipment?

28:16 - Question #14: What’s a fun replacement for for an aging Mustang GT?



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