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We drive the all-new 2020 Ford Escape at the Consumer Reports test track, and share our first impressions of the redesigned small SUV. Plus, we discuss the latest developments in in California’s emissions regulations, and what it all means for consumers. We also answer audience questions about car subscription programs, solutions for fixing a rough ride in your car or truck, and use our testing expertise to determine the most fuel efficient speed for highway driving.


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0:30 - California Emissions Update

6:54 - 2020 Ford Escape First Impressions

15:00 - Viewer Questions

15:15 - Video Question #1: What’s the deal with car subscription services; are they a better option than a traditional lease agreement?

20:15 - Video Question #2: If you owned a driving school, what cars would be in your fleet for students to drive?

24:09 - Video Question #3: What’s a more fuel efficient commute for a Genesis G70?

27:07 - Video Question #4: What’s the best way to identify a shimmy in a 2013 Honda Pilot?



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