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We give our first impressions of the 2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV, which we recently bought for our testing program, including how it compares to the platforming-sharing 2020 Ford Escape. We also discuss our recent investigation into how male-focused crash test dummies put female drivers at risk. And we answer your questions about compact SUVs under $10,000, Apple CarPlay subscriptions, and the science behind anti-whiplash seats.




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02:24 - The Crash Test Dummy Bias

12:40 - 2020 Lincoln Corsair First Impressions

18:51  - Question #1: How do ant-whiplash front seats affect rear seat occupants?

22:01 - Question #2: Is Apple CarPlay becoming a subscription based service?

23:17 - Question #3: A comfortable and fuel efficient sedan for senior drivers?

27:18 - Question #4: A reliable compact SUV under 10K?




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