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We’ve completed testing the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid. Find out how this version of the small SUV tops the traditionally powered Escape in our tests. We also break down how we rate the best and worst vehicles and brands for CR’s 2020 Autos Spotlight, clear up some confusion about EV ownership and answer your questions.

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0:57 - CR Autos Spotlight

6:37 - Common questions about EV ownership

11:37 - 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid test results

14:34 - Send us your questions at

14:40 - Question #1: Are CR’s testing methods biased when it comes to non-conventional gear selectors?

19:06 - Question #2: How will trademarks affect CR’s push to standardize the naming conventions of standard advanced safety equipment?

20:38 - Question #3: How much should passenger side impact test results affect a decision to buy a vehicle?

22:44 - We’re hiring an Automotive Engineer at our Test Track! Apply here:


2020 CR Autos Spotlight:

Hybrid/EV Buying Guide:

Electric Car FAQs:

2020 Ford Escape:

Ford Escape Vehicle Page:

We’re hiring an Automotive Engineer at our Test Track! Apply here:

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