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This week is an all-questions episode, where we answer as many audience questions as possible. Topics include recommending a vehicle to a first-time car buyer moving to the U.S. from Switzerland; what is the future of tire-pressure monitoring systems; can the higher price tag of a Corolla Hybrid be made back pretty quickly with fuel savings vs. the regular Corolla; why fender-benders are getting pricier to repair; and we end by giving advice about which vehicles are best-suited to elderly drivers. 



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01:07 - Question #1: What are some tips for buying a car for the first time?

06:22 - Question #2: What is the future of TPMS?

10:42 - Question #3: Is Mazda Miata a viable option for a daily commuter car?

13:10 - Question #4: can the higher price tag of a Corolla Hybrid be made back pretty quickly with fuel savings vs. the regular Corolla?

15:55 - Question #5: Is it smart to wait a year on purchasing a newly redesign model?

18:05 - Question #6: Why do newer cars have a higher repair price?

19:50 - Question #7: Which 3-row hybrid or electric luxury SUV is best suited for a family?

23:44 - Question #8: Which tires are best suited for climates with fluctuating temperatures?

25:42 - Question #9: What are the top rated vehicles for senior drivers?



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