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We discuss the digital debut of the 2120 Genesis G80. Find out how we think the sedan will stack up against its more established luxury competitors. We also cover the best way to clean your child seat during the COVID-19 pandemic and answer questions.

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1:05 - Emily makes an announcement

2:40 - Cleaning car seats during  the COVID-19 outbreak

11:47 - 2021 Genesis G80 Digital Debut

19:50 - Send us your questions at

20:04 - Video Question #1: Did the dealer bamboozle me into buying ethanol fuel treatment?

22:30 - Question #2: I was recently driving on Interstate 66 near Washington, D.C., on a night with great visibility, and was using my high beams. Suddenly an 8-point deer jumps in front of my car! The airbags go off, the hood wraps around the windshield, and my 2004 Infiniti is totaled. Would modern pre-collision braking or pedestrian detection have prevented this accident? Are these systems designed to respond to large animals in the same way they would respond to a person?

25:33 - Question #3: How frequently does IIHS test for existing model year automobiles? Some cars haven't been updated in years, and I wonder if manufacturers improve crash safety for existing models.

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