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We recently purchased the 2020 Audi Q7, so this week we discuss what's new in the freshening of this 3-row midsize SUV, give our take on the new dual screen infotainment system, and how it compares to competitors like the Mercedes-Benz GLS and the BMW X7. Also, with hurricane season in full swing, we talk about precautions drivers should consider when driving in heavy rain, what to do if you encounter flooded roads, and share some telltale signs a car might have been previously flooded when shopping for a used car. We also consider which sportback would be the best fit for a family vehicle, if shifting into neutral at traffic lights can save on gas (or potentially harm your vehicle,) and options for a fuel efficient subcompact SUV or a compact pickup truck to serve as a daily driver.





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00:00 - Introduction

01:34 - Driving in heavy rain and how to avoid buying a flood damaged used car

06:51 - 2020 Audi Q7 First Impressions

14:09 - Question #1: Which Sportback would be the best fit for a family vehicle?

18:50 - Question #2: Could shifting into neutral at traffic lights save fuel?

23:24 - Question #3: What is the best subcompact SUV or compact pickup truck for a daily commuter?




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