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We discuss a number of topics this week, including an issue with Toyota RAV4 hybrids not able to fully fill their gas tanks, why some recall fixes can leave you without your car for months, if the positioning of occupant dummies in crash tests is not applicable to real-world conditions, why automaker Mitsubishi isn't as popular in the US market as it once was, the methodology behind CR's driving impressions and our Overall Score, why your next new car might be a tight fit in your garage, whether a Kia Stinger or Volkswagen Arteon is a better choice for a Canadian driver, and why luxury sports cars aren't required to be crash tested.





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00:00 - Introduction

01:28 - Question #1: Why some Toyota RAV4 hybrids have an issue with not being able to fully fill their gas tanks?

06:34 - Question #2: Why some car recalls take a long time to get fixed?

11:33 - Question #3: Why is the positioning of occupant dummies in crash test are not applicable to real-world conditions?

16:13 - Question #4: Why Mitsubishi vehicles aren’t as popular in the US as they are in other parts of the world?

18:31 - Question #5: What methodology is behind CR’s driving impressions and overall score?

20:24 - Question #6: Why does it seem like the cars are getting bigger, but garages are not?

23:01 - Question #7: Which Sportback is a better choice for a Canadian driver, a Kia Stinger or the Volkswagen Arteon?

26:17 - Question #8: Why some luxury sports cars are not required to be crash tested?




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