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This week we discuss whether you should always trust a dealer's advice on maintenance intervals; if seat protector mats are safe to use with child seats; if purchasing a used CR recommended vehicle with high mileage is a wise choice; tips for negotiating a car lease, and if asking to have an independent mechanic check a certified pre-owned car is an automotive faux pas.




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00:00 - Intro

01:29 - Question #1: Should you always trust dealer’s advice on car maintenance schedule?

06:12 - Question #2: Is it safe to use seat protector mats with child seats?

09:10 - Question #3: Is purchasing a used CR recommenced vehicle with high mileage a wise choice?

11:45 - Question #4: What are some of the caveats to look out for when negotiating on a car lease?

17:48 - Question #5: Why don’t car makers build cars with replaceable stereo head units?

23:56 - Question #6: Is having an independent mechanic inspect a certified pre-owned car an automotive faux pas?




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