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The gang's all here! This week, our CR auto experts answer your questions from the comfort of their homes. We reach out to the entire Talking Cars team to see what they have been doing to keep busy during the quarantine, and answer your questions about maintaining your car during the coronavirus crisis, why Toyota isn't building electric vehicles, whether a white or yellow fog light is more effective, a fun replacement for a Toyota Celica GT-S, and more.



1:51 - how to properly exercise your car during the coronavirus crisis

5:34 - does the color of fog lights affect performance?

7:49 - best small hybrid for an adult buying their first car

9:50 - what’s a fuel-efficient vehicle with good lumbar support?

11:35 - is poor ride a symptom of a defective tire?

14:30 - what’s the next advanced safety innovation coming to cars?

16:00 - why isn’t Toyota building electric cars?

18:54 - can a child seat be safely installed in a two-seater?

21:57 - how does the world dispose of old cars?

25:50 - best car to replace a Toyota Celica GT-S


Car Care and Maintenance During the Coronavirus Pandemic:

How to Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus When Pumping Gas:


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