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This week we discuss several topics requested by our audience, including: How does an EV's extra battery weight affect braking? Is it necessary to turn a vehicle's front wheels toward the curb when parking on a steep hill, even if it has an automatic transmission? What are the best practices for storing hybrid cars for long periods of time? We also explain how CR's used-car reliability data is gathered for each vehicle's model year.





00:00 - Introduction

00:34 - Question #1: How does an EV’s extra battery weight affect its braking distances over ICE competitors?

05:14 - Question #2: Which vehicle segment you would revamp, given the opportunity?

10:28 - Question #3: What is the proper way to store a hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicle for long periods of time?

15:05 - Question #4: How does CR collect used-car reliability data for each model year?

16:37 - Question #5: Should a Jeep Wrangler be considered a convertible?

19:33 - Question #6: Is it necessary to turn a vehicle’s front wheels toward the curb when parking on a steep hill, even if it has an automatic transmission?

22:05 - Question #7: Is using an extremely thin engine oil, like the 0W-8 used in the new Toyota Crown, for improved gas mileage or just planned obsolescence? 




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