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This week we welcome CR editor Keith Barry to the podcast, and discuss why fuel prices seem to always go up around summer time. We also break down some of the dangers to look out for when looking for a car loan, and tips to make the best choice for your budget. We talk about our experiences with the 2019 Genesis G70, and wrap with viewer questions about the new Hyundai Santa Fe, Ford F-150 transmission, and (hopefully) our last question about snow tires for the season!

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:26 Welcome Keith Barry


1:23 Nerd moment


1:43 Fuel prices


06:16 Car loan break down


10:49 2019 Genesis G70


14:57 Video Question 1:  Hyundai Santa Fe; Mazda CX-9; Ford Edge?


19:25 Video Question 2: Ford F-150 & 10 speed transmission smoothness


22:58 Video Question 3: All-weather tires vs studded tires 




How to Save Money at the Gas Pump:


Where to Shop for a Car Loan:

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