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We’ve completed testing of the 2020 Toyota Supra. Find out how it performed and if its BMW-based platform lives up to the hype. We also talk about CR’s joint effort with AAA, J.D. Power, and the National Safety Council to develop common terms for advanced driver safety systems. Plus, we answer audience questions about crash tests, the performance of different size winter tires, and if leaving a sunroof cracked open will help keep a car cool.


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0:22 - CR partners with J.D. Power, AAA and the National Safety Council to create common names for advanced vehicle safety systems

7:55 - 2020 Toyota Supra Test Results

17:22 - Audience Questions

17:34 - Question #1: Are different crash tests weighted differently and how should they influence a buying decision?

21:22 - Question #2: Are hybrid engines designed differently than traditional internal combustion engines? Does the on/off cycle of a hybrid engine affect its longevity?

24:35 - Question #3: If you leave the sunroof of your car cracked open, will hotter air escape and lower the interior temperature?

27:27 - Question #4: Will different sized winter tires (17”/18”) perform differently on a vehicle?



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