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On this week's episode, we talk about the redesigned 2022 Honda Civic, and share our first impressions on its driving characteristics, styling, and comfort. Ford has announced an all-new small pickup, the Maverick, and we discuss how it might fit into a market dominated by oversized vehicles. We also give a glimpse into our headlight testing at the track, and how halogen lights compare to LEDs. Other topics include why a truck's hood height can pose a risk to pedestrians and drivers of smaller cars; proper oil change intervals for short commutes; whether a new car that sat on a dealer's lot for months may have a risk of 'lot rot;' if turning off the A/C in a car saves gas; and our experts predict which modern cars will become classics in the future.




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00:00 - Introduction

00:34 - CR’s Headlight Testing

03:27 - Hidden Danger of BIG Trucks

07:27 - 2022 Ford Maverick Preview

12:32 - 2022 Honda Civic First Impressions

18:12 - Modern Classics

26:50 - Question #1: What are the proper oil change intervals for short commute vehicles?

29:27 - Question #2: Could a new car that sat on a dealer’s lot for months experience ‘lot rot?’

33:13 - Question #3: Why are battery powered cars called electric vehicles?

36:13 - Question #4: Does turning off the A\C in a car save fuel?




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