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Every year, Consumer Reports surveys thousands of its members, asking about issues and trouble spots with their cars. Using this exclusive data. CR provides reliability ratings for every major mainstream model, from brands that are highly rated to those that give owners constant issues. In this episode, we discuss some notable new insights on EVs, plug-in hybrids, hybrids, and traditional gas vehicles, and the difference in their reliability performance. Also, we explain how CR's "average" reliability rating has changed over the years--Is an "average" car from 2022 more or less reliable than one from 2012. And as a comparison, what is a more sensible purchase? A Tesla Model 3 or a Toyota Corolla hatchback?





00:00 - Introduction

00:16 - What is CR’s Car Reliability Survey

01:04 - What’s New in the 2023 Survey

02:00 - Reliability Trends

02:40 - EV Reliability

06:04 - Tesla

07:58 - Hybrid Vehicle Reliability

11:25 - Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) Reliability

13:41 - New Charts and Presentation

17:13 - Sustainability

18:29 - Has CR’s “average” reliability rating change over the years?

23:24 - What is a more sensible purchase, a Tesla Model 3 or a Toyota Corolla Hatchback?




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