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The redesigned 2024 BMW X2 boasts more cargo room, expanded voice-activated controls, and standard driver assistance features. In this episode, we share our first impressions and discuss the changes, including its powertrain, and we compare the X2 to other BMW models, including its close sibling, the X1. We also answer audience questions, including whether or not stop/start systems are worth it, what happened to cornering headlights found on vehicles from the '70s, and options for a reliable small car for a fan with a short commute.

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00:00 - Introduction

00:16 - Overview: 2024 BMW X2

01:18 - Why a X2

03:18 - Driving Dynamics

05:23 - The Ride

07:10 - The Handling

07:53 - Inside the Vehicle

10:05 - Comfort

11:17 - Controls

15:35 - Highs and Lows

17:05 - Question #1: Are stop/start systems worth it, or is it just another point of failure?

21:38 - Question #2: Why cars today don’t have cornering headlights such found on 1978 Buick Electra?

24:59 - Question #3: What is a good option for small, reliable, and reasonably priced car to handle small commute?




Preview: Redesigned 2024 BMW X2 Grows Larger and Gains More Tech


Redesigned 2023 BMW X1 Grows in Size and Technology


2024 BMW X2


Popular Small SUVs to Avoid and What to Buy Instead




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This week, we share our early impressions of the 2025 Toyota Camry. While Toyota didn’t revolutionize the 2025 model, it gets a big powertrain update, as every Camry will only come as a hybrid. We discuss why this change shouldn’t scare longtime Camry lovers and why Toyota’s reliability record should boost buyers’ confidence. Plus, we answer questions about legacy CR vehicle tests and EV home chargers.

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0:00 - Intro

0:27 - 2025 Toyota Camry Overview

0:47 - Hybrid powertrain

2:23 - Fuel economy

3:20 - 2025 model updates

4:32 - Driving impressions

8:30 - Infotainment and usability

10:00 - Seat comfort

12:23 - Toyota reliability

14:09 -  Maintenance, 0W8 motor oil

17:40 - Question #1: CR Ratings, ‘Not Recommended vs. Not Acceptable’

24:55 - Question #2: EV Home charging options



Toyota Camry:

First Drive: 2025 Toyota Camry Proves a Bit Better in Many Ways:

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