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We're on the floor of the 2018 New York Auto Show for a live taping of Talking Cars! We discuss the cars that we think made an impact, the emerging trends in the auto industry and we answer questions from our live audience.

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Ford announces an all new safety suite for 2020. We compare the newly released test results on our Buick Regal and Kia Stinger also answer viewer questions, and a special question about the Mikes.

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Volkswagen says 'auf wiedersehen' to the Beetle and announces new electric models. We also discuss our 2018 Hyundai Accent and answer viewer questions.

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This week, we answer viewer questions about our Tesla Model 3 coverage. Some eagle-eyed members of our audience spotted our 2018 Nissan Leaf in our garage last week, so we give you our first impressions on Nissan's all-electric car. Finally, we discuss GMC's announcement of a new Sierra, and whether its swiss army knife of a tailgate will appeal to pickup buyers.

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Our Tesla Model 3 is finally here at the track, and we go in-depth on our initial impressions, including build quality, how it drives, and what we think of that big center screen.

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