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Are less expensive cars cool again? The prevalence of cars real people can afford is one of the trends we noticed at the 2024 New York Auto Show. We looked closely at the new Nissan Kicks, Subaru Forester, Honda Prologue, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen ID. Buzz, and many more. Our experts also share their favorite car/trend/feature from the show floor. 


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00:00 - Introduction

00:31 - Universal Appeal

02:07 - 2025 Toyota Camry

03:30 - 2025 Kia K4

04:09 - 2025 Subaru Forester

05:10 - Manufacturer’s Presence

06:24 - EVs

09:22 - Volkswagen ID.Buzz

10:59 - Race Cars

12:32 - Pet Ownership, Mobility & Accessibility Appeal

15:47 - Color Trend

16:53 - 2025 Nissan Kicks

17:43 - 2024 Ford Bronco Heritage




Preview: Redesigned 2025 Nissan Kicks Grows Slightly, Gains AWD


Preview: Redesigned 2025 Toyota Camry Goes Hybrid-Only, With AWD Available on All Trims


Preview: 2025 Subaru Forester Boasts Brawny Styling, More Tech, and a Quiet Cabin


Preview: 2024 Honda Prologue Electric Vehicle Is Sensible and Roomy


Preview: 2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Electric Minivan Offers AWD and Nostalgia




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