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Is there any chance of hydrogen-powered vehicles becoming mainstream in the US? Toyota still thinks there's a market for fuel cell vehicles, and with our first impression of the 2022 Mirai, we discuss how the convergence  of hydrogen infrastructure and availability will make or break the Mirai, as well as the fuel cell Hyundai Nexo. We also discuss what role LIDAR mapping plays in Ford's BlueCruise driving assistance feature in the Mustang Mach-E. 





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00:00 - Introduction

00:17 - 2022 Toyota Mirai First Impressions

10:57 - Question: What role does LIDAR mapping play in Ford’s BlueCruise?





Preview: 2021 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle


2022 Toyota Mirai


Futuristic 2019 Hyundai Nexo Showcases the Company’s Technological Prowess


Ford BlueCruise Rivals GM’s Super Cruise for Balancing Automation and Driver Monitoring


Driver Monitoring Systems Can Help You Be Safer on the Road


BONUS: Driver Monitoring Systems to Be Awarded Extra Points in CR Scoring


Tesla’s and Ford’s Driver Monitoring Systems


How We Tested Tesla’s and Ford’s Driver Monitoring Systems


Guide to Car Safety





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We give our first impressions of the 2022 Subaru WRX, and how this rally-inspired sedan's powertrain, styling, and handling compare to previous models. Also, we discuss the differences in driving a front-wheel versus rear-wheel drive vehicle, and why so many EVs opt for the less-common rear-wheel drive approach.



00:00 - Introduction

00:15 - 2022 Subaru WRX First Impressions

17:02 - Question: Why so many EVs opt for the less-common rear-wheel drive approach?



2022 Subaru WRX:


Preview: Reborn 2022 Subaru WRX Moves the Needle:


Guide to Car Safety:

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The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer has joined our test fleet, and we share our first impressions. This large, three-row SUV has a lot to offer by way of its size, towing ability and creature comforts. We discuss its viability as a do-it-all family vehicle and debate whether the Jeep brand has enough cache to sway buyers from other popular SUVs. We also answer an audience question about the cost of EV registration fees and why they are higher than fees for gas-powered vehicles.


0:00 - 2022 Jeep Wagoneer First Impressions

11:48 - Question: Why are registration fees for EVs more expensive than for gas-powered vehicles?


Jeep Wagoneer:

First Drive: 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Is the Automakers 6-Figure Flagship:

More States Hitting electric Vehicle Owners With High Fees, a Consumer Reports Analysis Shows:

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On this episode, we give our first impressions of the 2022 Ford Maverick. We discuss everything this small pickup has to offer; from styling, functionality, and driving impressions, to the variety of available powertrains. Find out how the Maverick stacks up among competing pickups and why Ford placed QR codes on the truck itself. Plus, we answer an audience question on buying an electric vehicle.


0:00 - 2022 Ford Maverick First Impressions

16:49 - Question: Is it worth trading in two used vehicles for two newer EVs?


Preview: 2022 Ford Maverick Priced Under $20,000 With Standard Hybrid:

6 Things We Love About the New Ford Maverick story by Alex:

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