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We rented the all-new 2020 Toyota Highlander SUV this week, and give you our first impressions after taking it for a spin at the Consumer Reports test track. We also discuss whether underbody rustproofing and studded tires (or lack thereof) are must-have equipment for driving in the snow and ice this winter. Other topics include how manufacturers determine their original equipment tires, the importance of proper child seat fitment, and what is one car we would love, if not for a critical misstep.



:29 - importance of proper child seat installation

3:25 - 2020 Toyota Highlander First Impressions

9:05 - relationship between tires and car in CR’s braking tests

11:58 - is underbelly rustproofing worth purchasing for winter driving

14:42 - can studdable tires be used without installing studs?

16:25 - cars that would be great except for one major issue


2020 Toyota Highlander Review:

How to Avoid Common Car-Seat Installation Mistakes:

Consumer Reports Tire Selector:


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