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We have completed testing on Mercedes' 4-door coupe (or is it a sedan?), the 2020 CLA, and discuss whether its lower price makes it worthy of being a "gateway Benz." We celebrate this festive season and the end of 2019 with our own naughty and nice lists, and share our personal highlights and lowlights from the past year. We also talk about the nuances of finding the right adaptive cruise control system, how CR awards points for advanced safety gear across model lines, and the benefits of all-season tires over their summer and winter counterparts.



0:28 - our 2019 naughty & nice lists

10:06 - Mercedes-Benz CLA test results

15:49 - all-seasons tires, or a winter/summer tire combo?

18:08 - how CR factors in all available advanced safety gear for a model into its ratings

20:02 - the differences between various adaptive cruise control systems

23:50 - drivetrains differences in CR’s testing methodology


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